Indtast venligst et søgeord.




The house is situated in the town of Albuñol in the Province of Granada in Andalusia.

Sleeping arrangements:
The house is basically designed to accommodate 8 adults. Extra beds for children can be set up in both the suites and grotto room.
The beds are distributed as follows:
Suites (2 separate rooms) 1 four-poster double bed and one double sofa bed
Grotto room: 1 four-poster double bed
Library: 1 double bed
Other rooms:
Setwan, Salon, kitchen/dining area, Boabdil’s room and 2 bathrooms with showers.
Outer rooms:
Hamam (pool), terrace, tea salon, the green room and the star terrace.
Kitchen facilities:
Stove, oven, dishwasher, washing machine, refrigerator, freezer and dumb waiter.
The thick walls of the house keep it cool. Also, the first floor is cooled by means of 8 large ceiling fans. We’ve deliberately avoided air conditioning as this type of cold does not regulate body temperature in a natural way. If you are sweating too much in the summer heat, do as the Moors did. Take a dip in our hamam, and after 5 minutes your body temperature will be regulated even though it is 35 degrees C.
Wireless Internet connection, Stereo with CD player and iPod dock.

Tariffs and Services:

From March 26 through June 25th, 2022; From September 3th 2022 through July 1.st
1 week EUR 1300; 2 weeks EUR 1300; 3 weeks EUR 1300. (all prices per week)
The Off-Season rate of 1050 Euro pr. week, is for 4 persons. Each additional person is charged EUR 185. pr. week

Between June 25th, 2022 through September 3rd 2022
1 week EUR 2500; 2 weeks EUR 2250; 3 weeks EUR 2025. (all prices per week for up to 8 persons)

Eastern (2 weeks around the Eastern Holidays), week 42, Danish winter holiday (week 7 and 8), is regarded high season.

We will charge a fee of 8 hours (15 Eur pr. hour) for a final cleaning in addition to the rental fee

Basement car park available for 50 Euros pr. week. Highly recomended

Services included in the price for up to 4 persons:
Half hour’s light cleaning of the kitchen, bath and terraces
Pool service
Use of gas
Use of electricity
Free Internet

A booking is regarded as having been made from the day it is done via e-mail. A deposit of 25% of the total rental, plus an amount of EUR 300 as security to cover possible damage to property and inventory caused by the renter, must be paid latest 7 days after this date. This amount will be repaid to the renter, after possible costs to cover damage have been deducted, latest 14 days after the termination of the rental period.
The remainder of the rent must be paid latest 45 days before arrival at the house.
Payment must be made through an international credit card or bank transfer.
If a valid booking is cancelled, the deposit of 25% of the rent is forfeit. If the cancellation is made after payment of the full rental amount, the full rental amount will be forfeit.
Arrival and departure days:
A rental period starts 16.00 on a Saturday and ends at 10.00 in the morning of the Saturday the rental period ends. If you have other requirements, we will do our best to accommodate them. The final agreement will be made by e-mail latest 45 days before arrival.


By air:
It is possible, but somewhat complicated, to fly to both Granada and Almeria. By far the most pleasant way from Scandinavia is to find a flight that goes non-stop to Malaga. If the price is through the roof, you can also fly to Alicante.
Driving times to Albuñol:
From Almeria: 45 minutes
From Granada: 60 minutes
From Malaga: 90 minutes
From Alicante: 180 minutes

On the ground:
It is difficult to enjoy a stay in our house without having access to a car. There are lots of possibilities for renting cars via the Internet. If you want guaranteed fair treatment and fast service, we can recommend the firm Helle Hollis. You can also get a 15% discount by using our so-called “homeowner-number”. This will be sent to you in connection with a booking of the house. The best is to look up for car rental on sites like kelkoo.es.

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